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Access to IDES System


Okay now, we have learnt sufficient theory that should help us get started with learning ABAP.

So for beginning with our exercises we need to get access to the SAP System. This tutorial teaches you to get access to SAP Server for free. If you already have access to the system you can skip this tutorial.

If you are in the areas of (Bangalore, Hyderabad in India) you could get the image of the SAP server with the VM ware install from any of the training institutes around your place. This costs about 1500 INR.  Or there are some training centers which provide you access to SAP Server on monthly subscription basis.

There is a company call Consolut which offers free access to the SAP Server.  I would recommend you to create your free account there and get access to SAP Server.

Go to the below URL.


Choose the link request a free ides user which you will find in the bottom of the page.

You will be taken to the SAP Web UI screen.




Enter all the information in the Screen. Make sure you enter the valid information and not dummy values. In the areas of interest check all the areas and then click on the execute button.

After executing, you will receive a notification mail that your request has been registered. It may take up to 48 hours to verify and activate your account. You will receive a mail as below.



You have request for password every day. In the URL given for requesting daily password get the one time password by verifying your information.

Enter your details and click on Execute.



You will receive the password to your mail.


Note: If you do not have SAP GUI you can directly logon using browser by clicking on login URL.

Now our SAP User account is ready. Let’s login.

You have to install SAP GUI  in your system. I recommend you to install SAP GUI 7.3 or higher. This software is available around the internet and you can download it for free.

After installing the logon (SAP GUI) we need to create a new system entry to access our consolut ides. Click on create and a pop up will appear. Choose the user specified system and click on next.



Enter the values as below and click on finish.




Now a logon entry will be created in your logon pad with description IDES.




Double click on the IDES to logon into your system. We have configured for the E66 (moolgard system). Login with the username as developer and the password provided for that system in your mail and press enter.



That’s it we have logged on to SAP Environment.



Note: You need internet connection to access the system.

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