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Adding table contents to transport request

I recently came up with a requirement where i was building a dynamic layout for the report with the entries based on the custom table. When my program is being moved to the production server my report will fail to build the layout dynamically as it was based on the table records and you know the fact that only the table definition will be moved but not the contents. So we had to manually write an entry to the transport request to move the table along with its entry.

This tutorial explains how to transport the table entries across the client.

Step 1: Go to the Tcode SE09 and click on the display icon.



Enter the transport request id and click on enter.



Double click on the task and go inside the task. In change mode write the following entry in the request and press enter.




Once you are done you will be able to see the description as table contents and a key icon. Click on the key icon will take you to the below screen.



Double click on the entry line and a popup will appear with the key values of the table asking for condition. Provide the key entries with value * for adding all the entries.



Click on the table contents.




Select the radio button entire table and click on enter.


You will be able to see the entries added to the transport request.



Now you go back to the transport request and you will see an entry for table contents there.


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