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Adobe forms

Architecture of Adobe forms

How it works?

After creating the form, when the form is being activated for the first time, a function module was generated by the system with the parameters of the interface as the parameters of the functional module.

The values then which is binded to the context is passed inside the layout and displayed through the corresponding elements binded to the context. (Like in webdynpro ABAP)

At runtime, the interface generates all the required application data to the form and passes it to the function module created for the form. (The interface can be used in any no. of forms as long as the signature is same for the form and interface).

From SAP AS 6.20 – (Runs on both abap and java stack provided that J2EE is installed ).

Integration methods:

1. With classic ABAP programs

2. With browser (Interactive)

With classic ABAP programs:

1. Can be previewed

2. Can be printed in background using spool request

With browser:

Can be used with webdynpro abap or webdynpro java. Form is previewed, and it can be made interactive. User enter the input and then execute for further processing.

For both the scenarios, Adobe Document services(ADS) must be installed in the J2EE.




Post processing framework(PPF) is the sucessor of the output control. The PPF provides SAP application with an uniform interface which makes our form dependent to condition. e.g Printing notes, fax order confirmation etc. This form processing at runtime is provided with the option like opening and closing the spool which gives us the option of previewing or running it in background.

It will then call the webservices to communicate with the ADS through SOAP Protocol and HTTP Protocol.

ADS is mandatory to be installed on the SAP Netweave J2EE.

The role of ads is for rendering, filling the value to the fields, Page breaks and layout settings and finally ADS will return the PDF which can then processed.

J2EE Services apart from ADS:

It provides services like.

Document Services Data Manager,

Document Services Font Manager,

PDF Manipulation Module,

XML Form Module,

Document Services and

License Services.

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