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Adobe forms

Context of form in detail



Context provides data to the form. If the context is overloaded it will have a negative impact on the performance

Context gets most of the information from the interface. Context can also have its own set of datas like graphics, text etc.

Context will not be available in case the interface provided to the form is of type XML based.

The form context is divided into four areas.


Interface: Contains data of interface along with system fields

Interface Properties: Contains the property of the context variables.

Context: Contains the data mapped form the context. It can also have its own specific data created by right clicking on the context.

Context properties: Contains the properties of the variables /Conditons / details etc.

For smart form based interface, system variables can be integrated in the context.

The fields that are not required can be set inactive using context menu. (Right click->deactivate). It will then be marked by symbol cross.

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