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Creating an RFC Destination


RFC Destination:


In order to pass data from one server to another server we need to establish a link between the two. RFC Destination is nothing but a link which defines the target system. Generally creation of the RFC destination is the job of the Basis team and for the purpose of learning IDOC We need an RFC Destination that connects the two servers and hence we will see how to create an RFC destination.


Tcode for Creating RFC Destination: SM59


Step 1: Go to the Tcode SM59 to create the RFC destination.




Select ABAP Connections and click on create.



Step 2: Enter the name for the RFC Destination and provide the short description for the RFC Destination. Enter the IP Address of the target system in the target host and its system number and press enter.








Step 3: Click on the logon & Security tab to provide login credentials to log into the target system.





Enter the logon credentials as shown above and Click on save. RFC Destination will be created and the password status will be changed to save. If you click on the check box logon screen the SAP login screen will interrupt every time the destination is being called and ask for login credentials. But for now the system will log on to the target system using the user id and the password that we have specified.




Step 4: Test the RFC Connect click on the Remote logon on the top.







You will be logged on to the target system with the User id specified.



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