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Different options in Table UI


In the previous tutorial for table with different UI, we have seen how to construct a table with the different UI elements.  

In this tutorial we will see the options of table as follows:

1. Page Navigation

2. Lead selection

3. Fixed Columns

4. Sorting and Filter

Pre-requisites: You have done the example in Table with different UI

Page Navigation:  In the previous tutorial if you notice, you only see 5 out 10 records as the table row count is set to 5.  If there are huge no of records in the table, then we cannot set the row count to that many records as it will introduce the scroll bars. Hence to see all the records we have the option of page navigator.

To set the page navigation option to the table, add the attribute page navigator to the table UI.





Lead Selection:

To enable lead selection (single or multiple) set the attribute selectionMode of the table.




Fixed Columns:

When horizontal bar is been introduced in the table, the columns move to the left when we are scrolling towards right. We might want some of our columns do not want to disappear. To freeze the columns set the fixed column attribute of the table.



Sorting and Filter:

To sort or to filter values from the table we need to set the sort and filter property column wise.

I have set the sort and filter property for the column “Gender”






You will get this option for the column only when sort and filter property is set.


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