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Webdynpro ABAP

Freezing a column in Table UI Element


This tutorial explains how to freeze a certain columns displayed in the table UI element.

Pre-requisites: Display a set of data for a number of columns using table UI element.

For more information refer to: Table UI element.


The output of above mentioned table UI element is as below. Here all the fields of the table EKKO is displayed.



Now let us assume that we need first two columns (Purchasing document and company code) to be freeze so that we can view all other columns with reference to the first two columns.

In order to achieve it modify the property of the table as below.

Set the scrollable column count of the property as 10 so that 10 columns will be displayed in the table is displayed and other remains hidden introducing a horizontal scroll in the table.



In order to make the PO number and Company code to be remain fixed in the first position modify the fixed column position of the respective column as left.


Similarly set the same property for the table columns that are supposed to freezed.




If you scroll the horizontal scroll bar you can see the column Purchasing document and Company code remains fixed.


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  1. how to fix few column in webdynpro screen which is accessde by browser.for example if we have 10 fields on out put screen i want to fix 2 fields so that if i scroll to right 2 fields wont move.

  2. Hello. What if I am using FPM GUIBB Tree application for Web Dynpro? I want to do it at runtime is it possible? (set fixed column/freeze pane based on condition) than you!

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