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Help view

The selection method of a search help is either a table or a view. If you have to select data from several tables for the search help, you should generally use a database view as selection method. However, a database view always implements an inner join. If you need a view with outer join for the data selection, you have to use a help view as selection method.





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To create a help view, a view with a outer join is required as selection method for a search help.



Step 1: Go the SE11 tcode and enter the name for the view and click on create.




Choose the help view and press enter.






Step 2: Enter the short description, and choose the table name.


All the tables included in a help view must be linked with foreign keys. Only foreign keys that have certain attributes can be used. The first table to be inserted in the help view is called the primary table of the help view. The tables added to this primary table with foreign keys are called secondary tables.


For maintenance and help views, there are certain restrictions on the foreign keys with which the tables can be included in the view  The foreign keys violating these conditions are displayed at the end of the list under the header Relationships with unsuitable cardinality.


Note: In a help view, Table definition and join relationship is possible only via relationships.





Step 3: Click on the relationship button and choose the relationship between the table which you want to create.




System will propose the keyfield relationship.




Step 4: In the select conditions tab, formulate the condition for which your view wants to display the data.




Step 5: In the maint.status tab select the setting you want to keep for your view.





Save and activate the view. View has been activated and can be used as a selection method in a search help.


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