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Webdynpro ABAP

Introduction to floor plan manager

Before starting Floor plan manager let us have a little recall on what exactly an webdynpro application as it got something to do with the floor plan manager.

Webdynpro Application:


A webdynpro application is an application that can be called by the user from the browser using the URL generated for a webdynpro application. It is an independent program that connects the URL which can be accessed by the user to the Window of the webdynpro component.




Technically the webdynpro application is connected to the interface view of the window by an inbound plug and it does not contain any corresponding information about any elements of the corresponding component. It just act as the carrier of the webdynpro component and triggers the execution of the component when the URL is being called.


Note:  Inbound plug of the window has to be of type start up plug.


Coming to the topic what a floor plan manager is and how it is related to an webdynpro application as mentioned earlier, the explanation is as below.



Floor Plan Manager:


Floor plan manager is an framework using which we can create and configure the webdynpro applications of the webdynpro abap.


Using the configuration editor of the floor plan manager we can combine different application specific view of the different component into a single new floor plan manager application. This floor plan manager application can be integrated into the portal for accessing this component.


This is something similar to view where in view we have our application data distributed across different tables and we combine it in a view where as here different components which are required to do a particular functionality are assembled using a FPM application.



Advantages of Floor plan manager:


  1. This design follows the SAP UI guidelines.


  1. User of this application benefits by quicky and easily familarize themselves with the new applications.


  1. The integration of Floor plan and GUIBB in the FPM accelerates the creation of UI and ensure that all the UI element behave in a same way.


  1. Time consuming user interface programming is greatly reduced by application programming.


  1. Simple applications are adjusted by configuring the FPM instead of modifying the webdynpro component. (Reduced development effort). [E.g hiding a view of container in the view.]


  1. Any such adjustment made to the application using the configuration editor of the FPM are called modification free changes.


  1. FPM Uses the webdynpro adjustment concept.


  1. Integration of different webdynpro components in one FPM application.




SAP UI guidelines includes the use of FPM is preferred instead of Webdynpro application as it increases the consistency of  UI elements.




Adjustment concept is nothing but fitting the webdynpro application according to your needs which again classified into implicit and explicit configurations.



Role of Floor plan manager:


Floor plans are nothing but a design template for the application that represent the certain task or process where as floor plan manager implements this floor plan to maintain the uniformity across the applications.



Some of the Available floor plans for creating and confguring the Applications are:


  1. Object instance floorplan(OIF)
  2. Guided activity floor plan(GAF)
  3. Quick activity floor plan(QAF)
  4. Overview page floor plan(OVP)


The floor plan manager automatically implement the following areas of the floor plan.


  1. Identification area
  2. Navigation region
  3. Message area
  4. Content area


Content area:


Content area are the areas of FPM where the system displays the application specific view.


We can call and change these areas directly using the configuration editor whereas floor plan manager checks whether these changes are leading to any technical errors.


Floor plan manager also supports in creating and configuring the application specific view using UIBB.(User interface building blocks).


Some UIBBs are:

  1. Form component
  2. List component
  3. Tabbed component
  4. Search component
  5. Hierarchical list component


We have  a special configuration editor for configuring these UIBBs. An this configuration editor can be started from the FPM configuration editor.




Some pre-requisites that the webdynpro application and component should posses in order to be configured by the floor plan manager are as below.


  1. The webdynpro application must be assigned to the component of the floor plan or you can directly go and create an application to any one of these components.


Some standard floor plan components:

    1. FPM_OIF_COMPONENT – Object instance floor plan
    2. FPM_GAF_COMPONENT – Guided activity floor plan
    3. FPM_OVP_COMPONENT – Overview page floor plan


Note: When assigning the webdynpro application to one of the first two components the webdynpro application is also automatically assigned to the FPM_IDR_COMPONENT using which we can configure the identification area of the floor plan.


  1. The webdynpro component must have implemented the interface IF_FPM_UI_BUILDING_BLOCK.


Configuration editor of floor plan manager:


We can use FPM configuration editor to enhance application to fit the user needs.




Navigation region:


The navigation region is divided into two regions.

  1. Control region
  2. Hierarchy


Control region:

In this area we select which screen of the webdynpro application you would like to configure.



This area gives the hierarchical display of elements we can configure.




The preview function shows you the user interface of the application. You can use the preview function to navigate within the user interface. However, not every element can be accessed. A selected element is highlighted in color in the hierarchy view and its attributes displayed in the attribute view.

Action area

The action area contains links to all the actions you can execute for the selected application user interface. The actions that can be selected depend on the concrete configuration of the application. This means that selection of actions can differ within a configuration.

Attribute view

When you select a configurable user interface element either in the preview or in the hierarchy, the attributes of these user interface elements are displayed in the attribute view. You can change these attributes here. The attributes you can change depend on the user interface element you selected. You can immediately see any changes made in the preview.

Message area

In this area, potential conflicts in the configuration, such as tabs with the same name, are immediately displayed.

Floor plan manager application:


A floor plan manager application is an application that calls one of the floor plan. We can use explicit configuration to assign additional webdynpro components as user specific views using UIBBs.


Some generic webdynpro components are:


FPM_LIST_UIBB – List component

FPM_FORM_UIBB – Form component

FPM_TABBED_UIBB – Tabbed component



So far we have studied what is the floor plan manager,what are its role and what is floor plan manager application.



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