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Introduction to SAP ABAP

This tutorial gives you an overview of SAP ABAP. The information presented here are minimum to know more I suggest you to go through the SAP Certification material. To avoid tedious reading I determined to present only simple things that are needed for getting started with ABAP programming Language. Let’s get started.

What is SAP?

We are going to learn SAP and let make things clear about what it is. SAP is an ERP package created by SAP AG, a German based company.

ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning. ERP is not a programming language or something. It’s just a conceptual thing based on which ERP packages like SAP, Oracle, Ramco ERP etc.. are build. The basic idea is that integrate all the functional department of the organization to run business efficiently.

For example, take any company of your choice.  A company is split into several functional organizations. Say, Finance department, HR Department, Production department and so on. Often these organization needs to interact with one another for efficient processing of business.

A Business Example:

Consider a scenario you run and organization and you are procuring a raw material for your organization. To run it efficiently without production breaking first thing you wanted to notify is the availability of stock. If you are going to be ruled out of your stock then you may want to purchase more of it and when you purchase you wanted to make payment for it. You wanted a bunch of employees staffed for you to carry out your production.   

Now the question is?

1. How you are going to track the availability of stock?

2. How can it be notified to your purchase team immediately to get to know availability and purchase more of it?

3. Your purchasing organization and Finance department needs to work together to get to know the quantity of material purchased and make payment for it.

4. In case of sales, your sales department and finance department needs to work together.

5. In case of staffing, you want your employees to be paid, don’t you? How information are passed on from HR departments to Finance department.


Often several functional department in an organization needs to integrate with one another for effective functioning of organization. So the idea of ERP was to seamless integration all the functional departments with a centralized data repository. So each and every department gets to know when something related to him is happened. For example when Purchase team creates an invoice for the goods received information flow on to the Finance depart to make payment.


What is ABAP:

SAP was the first software package that was built to integrate all the functional departments.

In order to create this package SAP needed a programming language. So they created an In-House programming language called ABAP. (Advanced business application programming)

It is a fourth generation programming language. More like general English and is easy to understand.  It is not an open source language, meaning you can use ABAP language only within the SAP Software. It is unlike Java, or HTML which can be built on number of platforms.

In the next section of tutorials you will be reading on how to develop business application using ABAP programming language.

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