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Webdynpro ABAP

Introduction to webdynpro ABAP

Webdynpro ABAP is SAP Standard UI technology for developing web applications in ABAP Environment.


1. Reduces implementation effort.
2. Separation of layout and business data.
3. Reusability of components.
4. Automatic data transfer using context binding.
5. Support Stateful applications. i.e. Even when the pages change the data in the previous page still remains.

Webdynpro Architecture:

It is based on MVC Architecture and supports:

1. Clear separation of business and display logic.
2. Meta-model Concept.
3. Execution on number of client platforms.
4. Extensive Platform Independence of interfaces.


MVC Architecture:

The Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern contains a clear distinction between processing control, data model and displaying the data in the interface.


The model is used as an application object of the application data administration. It responds to information requests about its status, which usually come from the view, as well as to statements for status changes, which are usually sent by the controller. In this way, only the model is used to process data internally, without making reference to the application and its user interface.
There can be different views for a model, which can be implemented using different view pages.


The view handles the graphical and textual output at the interface and therefore represents the input and output data in each interface element, such as pushbuttons, menus, dialog boxes and so on. The view takes of visualization. To visualize the status, the view queries the model, or the model informs the view about possible status changes.


The controller interprets and monitors the data that is input by the user using the mouse and the keyboard, causing the model or the view later to change if necessary. Input data is forwarded and changes to the model data are initiated. The controller uses the model methods to change the internal status and then informs the view about this. This is how the controller determines reactions to the user input and controls processing.


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