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Maintenance View


In the database view we simply display the scattered data of the application object in one view where as maintenance view allow you to display modify and create the data.


A maintenance view permits you to maintain the data of an application object together.


Here all the tables in the maintenance view must be linked with a foreign key relationship and join conditions can be formed only using the relationship.




Let us see how to create the maintenance view.


Step 1: Go to the Tcode SE11. Select the radio button view. Enter the name for the View and click on create.





Choose maintenance view from the popup and press copy.





Step 2: Enter the description for the view.





Step 3: Provide the base table in the tables tab. Unlike the database view here the join conditions can only be formed by a foreign key relationship.


Enter the base table and click on the relationship, system will propose you a list of foreign key relationship from which you need to choose the relationship you wanted.





Choose the foreign key relationship you want and press copy.




Join conditions will be generated as below by the system.





Step 4: In the view fields tab, system will have generated some fields. To add fields apart from that choose Table fields





From the popup select the base table from which you want to add fields and click on choose.





Select the fields required from the popup.








Step 5: In selection conditions tab, formulate the selection condition for the record set for which you wanted to generate the maintenance view.


Unlike database view here we cannot specify the selection conditions fields  on our own. Always choose fields from the table fields button.



From the popup select the base table System will propose you the fields of that table choose the field required by you and press copy.





Enter the condition for the fields inserted by the system .







Here I have specified a condition for maintaining the records which is less than the specified value.


Step 6: Set the required maintenance status in the maint.status tab.





Step 7: Save and activate the view. Create a table maintenance generator for the view. Unless we create a table maintenance generator we will not be able to see the data's.


A maintenance interface with which the data of the view can be displayed, changed and created must be generated from the definition of a maintenance view in the ABAP Dictionary.

When the maintenance interface is created, function modules that distribute the data maintained with the view on the underlying tables are automatically generated.

The maintenance interface is generated with the Transaction Generate Table View (Transaction SE54) or from the view maintenance screen with Utilities -> Tab.maint.generator.






Fill in the fields required and click on create.




After the table maintenance generator is created we can see the contents of the view in a table maintenance generator screen where we can add or change the datas.





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  1. If I change the data in view, does it effect the EKKO EKPO table!!!

    1. no,it does not affect your original table.

  2. Why does it not affect your original table. Please give me my explain

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