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System Landscape


I personally felt I should give you minimum information on system landscape and how the developments are carried out in an organization before you proceed on with your ABAP Learning.

System Landscape:

System landscape is nothing but the arrangement of the systems in your organization. Typically there are three types are server that might have been implemented in your organization.

1.      Development server

2.      Quality server

3.      Production Server

It’s mandate that all the servers will be available in all the organization. Some organization might only have Development server and Production server. In those companies they do the testing the development server itself.

Basically all these servers are nothing but servers which has SAP installed on them.

Production Server:

This is the utmost important server in your organization. All the real time processes are carried out by the company are done on this server. In this server, typically the user only performs the business functionality. Say, creating a sales order etc.  It contains all the real time information about the organization and we may not want this server to be modified or crashed. Hence the users in this server will not have the authorization to modify the system functionality. They can only use it. The users are called end users or super user.

Development Server:

This is the server in which the development activities are carried out. The SAP covers the standard business process which is carried out all over the world. Your company may do things little differently and you wanted the system to perform that activity in your desired way. You many not wanted to tamper the system functionality by adding in your own developments. So the functionality is first achieved in the development server and then transferred to the production server after thorough testing. For the achieving the functionality the choice would if I can achieve this functionality by customizing the standard features or by new development object. The developments are carried out in the development server and then transferred to Production server after testing.

Quality Server:

This is an intermediate server where the applications are being tested. It is more or less a copy of production server with the real time data which backs up data from production server periodically or manually. The applications designed are checked here in the real time data for proper functioning and then moved to the production server. This server may not exist in all the companies. In that case the testing will be carried out in the development server itself before moving it to the production server. After moving to production server the application will be ready to user by the end user.


In the next tutorial we will see how the developments are organized and moved on from one server to another.


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