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Webdynpro ABAP

Contextual Panel

Contextual panel UI element belongs to the layout category. This UI element is used to structure the layout of the webdynpro screen.


This contextual panel provides navigation with view switch. The navigation can be included in more than three levels.


Below is the sample visual of how contextual panel looks on screen.







How it works?


The view switch is not automatically toggled. There is an INDEX parameter containing the index of the selected view switch (counting from 1 upwards).


When you click on a link in the navigation list, the ON_SELECT event is triggered. You can find the link you clicked on in the event parameter WDEVENT. This object refers to a class which contains an internal table parameters which will contain the event at runtime. Pass the value CONTEXT_ELEMENT to the internal table and read the element object reference which is of type IF_WD_CONTEXT_ELEMENT. Using the object reference you can access the navigation list selected.


There are three types of elements which can be embedded inside the contextual panel they are.


1.      Free contextual Area

2.      Navigation list

3.      View Switch


Free Contextual Area:


Any UI element can be placed inside the free contextual area.


Example display of Free contextual area:




Navigation List:


Navigation list provides the navigation area and is used inside the contextual panel. The data source property of the navigation list is to be binded to the recursive node.


Example display of navigation list.





View switch:


View switch is used to toggle between views in the contextual panel.


Example display of view switch:






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