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Dynamic Component Usages:



When developing the applications while all the required information like the component to be used, navigation links and method usages are determined then the application can be built statically(Design time). Say for example, if we are sure that there are going to be two ALV tables displayed on the screen, then two component usages for the ALV component can be created and embedded in the view. Here the number of component usages for the ALV report can be determined at the design time and statically included in the using component. Say for example we create two component usages for SALV_WD_TABLE and embed them in two different View container UI element and display the output

Where in there might be a requirement where the no of ALV tables to be displayed depends on the user input, say for example there may be two ALV tables or five ALV tables.  In that particular scenario creation of component usages for the ALV table becomes impossible at the design time as there is no clue of number of component usages can be created. Hence there is a need to dynamically program the creation of component usages.

This tutorials explains two different scenario of creating the component usage dynamically

1.      Statically define the first component and then copy them to create similar usage at runtime.

2.      Dynamically create the component usage.


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