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HANA Extended application services


Architecture of traditional database applications:


Traditional database application uses interfaces such as ODBC and JDBC with SQL to query and manage data in the database.  These applications often follow the MVC Architecture. The controller runs on the application server and the model resides on the database layer. When the application required the data from the database the controller queries the data using SQL statement.  As mentioned earlier these types of reading data is time consuming.

Architecture of HANA based applications:

SAP HANA is a comprehensive platform for developing native data intensive application that runs effectively on the HANA server taking advantages of its in-memory and parallel processing.





SAP HANA follows a different approach eliminating the need for the Application server. However, a thin layer of application server is embedded within the database layer itself. All the data intensive logic can be executed over there. This application layer is called as extended application server (XS). It also means extra small. It increases the performance by integration of the application logic with the database layer, by eliminating the middleware application layer.

SAP HANA extended application services provide a comprehensive set of embedded services such as:

1.      Lightweight application services

2.      Full access to SQL and SQL Script

3.      Configurable OData services

4.      Server side Javascript


Lightweight application services:

It allows the client to access the SAP HANA system through a HTTP connection. The controller is capable of executing within the SAP HANA system in case of the native HANA applications.  By eliminating the need for external application server layer it becomes a light weight programming model.

Configurable OData services:

The application can exposes its data model, views, index and procedures to the HTTP client. This is done by creating an OData services


What kind of logic should run where?

The data intensive logic and model based calculations must be close to data and therefore executed in the index server.

Presentation logic should run on the client device. Eg. HTML5 application runs in a web browser or mobile device.



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