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Logging on to sap environment

After register for free ides account with the user, it may take up to a week for verification and activation of your request.  Once access to the ides system is ready you two options to access the server.
1. Web GUI
2. GUI

You can access the Web GUI with the link provided for the Web GUI which you will receive along with the confirmation mail from IDES. To access so, a browser is sufficient to access the server. However, I don’t prefer the mode of access, as it is very slow and the UI looks different due to the process of rendering.

To Access via GUI, you need SAP GUI logon installed in your system. I prefer SAP GUI 730.
If you do not have SAP GUI you can download it from the link below.

After installing the GUI you need to configure it to access the free ides system.

Click on next in the initial screen. Your screen will appear as below. Fill in the values as given below.

Click on finish.
Double click on the logon entry created. Enter the user name and password which you requested on a daily basis from the link provided by IDES.

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