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Webdynpro ABAP



CHIP  stands for Collaborative human interface part and is introduced as a part of Netweaver 7 enhancement package 2.  


A CHIP is an encapsulated, stateful piece of software application that provides a functionality which can be used in collaboration with Page Builder page or Side Panel.


All the available CHIPs are registered in the CHIP Catalog.



CHIP Model:


The chip model describes the capability of the CHIP. Technically a chip is nothing but a webdynpro component that implement a webdynpro component interface.


Chip consist of:


1.      Port

2.      Wiring

3.      Tags


Port:  Communication with the chip is implemented through special interface called Ports.

There are two kinds of Ports available in a CHIP.


1.      Inports

2.      Outports







Inports are used to receive information from other chips. Here you specify an importing parameter in which you get the data from the other chips or page builder or side panel. Typically inports are nothing interface method with importing parameters.







Outport is used to expose the internal status of the CHIP. Basically Outports are nothing but the interface event of the component.







Using wiring we can connect CHIPs so that they can interact with each other. Wiring between the two CHIPs is established via Outport of the sending chip and inport of the Receiving CHIP.





Tags can be assigned to the port and parameters of the port. Basically a tag is a string. If a same tag is available in the application and the CHIP then they are automatically connected through wiring and data is transported between them.

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