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F4- Value/Search help dialog in SAP UI5

This tutorial explains how to create a Value Help dialog or F4 help for an input field in the SAP UI5.
Value help dialog was created for the purpose to guide the user with the list of possible values that the user can enter in the Input field and make a search.

In this tutorial, i have used a Multi Input control and Placed and F4 help for the multiple inputs
For Better clarity of video use full screen and change the video quality to 720 or above

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  1. Very gud tutorial sir.. Now i will try to bind the data of f4 help from o-data service

  2. need ur help arun,
    I want to display data from odata service in the table of value help dialog. how can we achieve this?

    1. hi do you find solution? i think now you got that solution, can you help me how to implement odata service for search help.

  3. Thanks a lot sir. But when I includes sap.ui.comp to libs with sap.ui.commons, the application can not work


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