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Debugging a function module executed in Background task

In this tutorial, I am going to explain you how to debug a Function module executed in the Background task.

While debugging the program, when you come across the Function module executed in Update task, Even if you are going to click on F5 the control of the program is noting going to get into the function module regardless of you have placed a break point in the function module.

So if you want to debug a Function module executed in background task here is what you need to do.

Say a function module is executed as below in the Background task.


Change the debugger settings as below:


When you come across the Function module call in the debugger, execute the line using either F5/F6. A call to the function module will be registered but will not be executed as we have set the Option Block Sending TRFC call in the background. Once the execution of the current debug session is complete, then you will be able to find the call registered for background task.

To debug the function module, navigate to the transaction SM58. You will be able to find the function module listed there.


Select the line, and in the menu option, choose edit and debug LUW.


Now this should start a debugger in a new session to debug this function module.

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