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One of the fundamental characteristics of any programming languages is the set of data types that the programming languages support.

JavaScript support all the primitive data types like

1. Numbers

2. Strings

3. Boolean (true or false)

Let’s see how to create variables and assign value to the variables.


ABAP Code:


Var is the keyword used in JavaScript for declaring the variable. The value to the variable can be assigned at the time of declaring the variable or at any point of time in the program. We need not declare data type for the variables. The variables in JavaScript are flexible and adjust itself to the type of data assigned to it.

Several variables can also be declared with a var keyword separated by comma.

E.g.: Var name, age;

Variables in JavaScript are case sensitive. Variable name and Name are two different variables whereas name and Name are the same variables in ABAP.

Name of the variables in JavaScript should not begin with numbers. Following name for variables is reserved and may not be used.


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