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Unit 1: Introduction to SAP UI5
The following sections  provides the basics in UI5 just to get you started. The approach followed in the examples necessarily may not be the best practice. The intention of the below tutorials is to get you started.  All the examples mentioned below are created using Javascript mode of development.
  1. Introduction to UI5
  2. Creating a Simple Web Page
  1. A Simple Application using Button Control
  2. A Simple Form using Label and Text Field
  3. Formatted, Text View, Links and Callout.
  1. Creating a Table Control using Javascript
  2. Table control with Toolbar and extension
  3. Table with different types of UI
  4. Different Options in Table UI
Unit 2: XML Views 
In this section of tutorials, you will find the examples created using XML Mode of development. XML Mode of view development is the most preferred mode of view development. 
  1.  A Simple Login form using XML View of Development.

Other Tutorials:
  1. Importing SAP UI5 Project in Eclipse Environment.
  2. New UI5 Inspector plugin to trouble shoot the problems
  1. Consuming OData Service
Video Tutorials
Following section contains video tutorials on different topics in SAP UI5
  1.  Search Help/ Value help dialog
  1. ODATA Crud Operations - Read Entiyset
  2. ODATA Crud Operatiosn - Filter

Hope these tutorial are helpful. Thank you for visiting. Happy learning.

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